Anika’s confusion and heart breaks next in Ishqbaaz

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Soumya tries to tell Rudra about Romi. Rudra tells her about Shivay calling family meet. The family members wonder why did Shivay call them. Anika reaches Oberoi mansion and talks on Sahil on video call.

Sahil asks her help for crafts project. Anika guides him. Sahil likes the grand house. Anika sees the entire family in the living hall. Shivay calls up Omkara and asks him to come soon. Anika and Shivay see each other. Shivay tells the family about his big decision. Sahil too wants to see what’s happening.

Shivay thanks Anika and says he does not want to wait for any tomorrow and live life to the fullest, as life is short. He says Anika came in their life and saved his family members always in the hour of need, though he misunderstood her, Anika always did right thing. He thanks Anika for inspiring him and saving his family many times. He shares his fear of losing his family and valuing them even more. He tells his decision of getting married. He shows the diamond ring. Anika gets mistaken that Shivay is proposing her for marriage. Shivay walks towards Anika and asks will you marry me. Anika feels she is dreaming. Sahil gets to the edge of the seat. Shivay reaches close to Anika and goes to Tia. A big heartbreak for Anika indeed. Keep reading.






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