Sesha and Yamini attempt to kill Shivangi and Shivanya in Naagin 2


Shivangi is dressed as the bride. Rocky is mesmerized seeing her. Sesha takes disguise of a lady and makes Shivangi ready. She aims to stop Shivangi from marrying Rocky. Yamini follows Shivanya and takes a knife to stab her.

Shivanya does not know Yamini’s plans. Yamini says Shivanya will be shocked seeing her, as she does not know Yamini is alive. Shivanya senses Naagin’s presence. She makes Shivangi to swear that she will not go out of the room. Shivangi does not understand why Shivanya is too worried.

Sesha comes to attack Shivangi, but Shivangi gets saved. Shivangi is in her own world and not affected by anything. Shivanya is worried. Rocky gets the baraat. Yamini, Sesha and Madhumati dance in his baraat. They all cover faces with the ghunghat to get saved from Shivanya. Shivangi does not know her Naagin truth. There will be twists in the marriage. Yamini is making Rocky marry Shivangi so that she can take revenge. She does not want Shivanya to be alive and is finding chance to kill her. Sesha and Yamini will show their enmity colors more in coming episodes.


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