Shivay takes decision to Propose and Engage in Ishqbaaz

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Shivay shares his problems with love angel. Soumya finds it strange to have emotional intimacy with the person with whom he has many issues. Soumya takes his small test and asks him to check if his heart beats for that girl.

She asks him to understand its love if his heart beat gets high. Shivay does not believe it and thinks to avoid all this growing feelings. Sahil also suggests Anika to check once again. Anika just sees Shivay and gets confirmed. She denies it in front of Sahil. She tries again and again and gets to see Shivay. Bua apologizes to Anika to get a place inside the house. Bua does high drama. Sahil asks Bua to get out. Bua tries hard. Anika threatens to call police and sends Bua away. She leaves for work at Oberoi mansion.

Shivay tells his decision to Rudra and he needs to execute it right now. He says he can’t wait for Omkara. Rudra asks him to think once, his life will change. Shivay is sure of his decision. Rudra calls Omkara and informs him about Shivay’s biggest decision. He asks Omkara to come soon. Omkara misses out the dramatic moment.






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