Tia gets overjoyed by Shivay’s sudden proposal in Ishqbaaz

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Shivay proposes Tia. Tia can’t believe this and thanks Shivay for the wonderful surprise. Dadi asks Shivay to rethink once. She asks him to take decision from heart. Shivay decides to control his heart and mind, and workout together.

He asks Dadi not to worry. Sahil gets angered, as if Shivay has broken Anika’s heart. Shivay makes Tia wear the ring infront of Anika, just to limit his heart from inclining towards Anika. Anika feels hurt.

Shivay says no one can change my decision this time. Tia gets overjoyed. Tia apologizes to Anika for being mean and wrong about Anika and Shivay. Tia gifts diamond jewelry. Anika refuses first. Pinky makes Anika accept the gift. Anika shares her feelings with Dadi. Anika assures Dadi that Shivay’s marriage will be the best. She asks the marriage date. Dadi asks her to ask Shivay about the date. Anika meets Shivay to know the wedding date. Anika’s confusion gets cleared and she gets rude towards Shivay.






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