Aparajita attacks Rishabh in Zee’s BrahmaRakshas

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Raina’s husband Rishabh is in danger. Rishabh is attacked by Brahmarakshas. Rishabh’s pain has made Raina cry. Even Rishabh’s brother has become prey of the Aparajita, who is the new Brahmarakshas now. Raina is crying as Brahmarakshas got new twist in her life, this time her husband has become prey.

Raina can’t see Rishabh so much wounded. Raina does not know the Brahmarakshas’ weakness to control the devil. Raina takes challenge to find the devil. Raina does not know Appu Maa is the devil. It has to be seen how the family reacts when they know Aparajita is the devil. Aparajita too comes to the hospital and shows concern for Rishabh. Later, Aparajita gets cornered when the devil avatar gets high on her. Will Raina figure out BrahmaRakshas truth? Keep reading.






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