Avni to get Asha-Ashish married in Naamkarann


Avni is getting her mum and dad married. Asha and Ashish are getting married by all rituals. Asha makes the sweet wedding card by her own hands. Asha’s haldi is celebrated. Ashish dances with his mum in law Fatima. Avni is very happy and invites all the neighbourhood.

Ashish asked Asha’s hand from Fatima, to which she happily agreed. After 11 years, Asha and Ashish are getting married. Fatima asks Ashish if he will marry his way or do Nikaah. Ashish asks Fatima to decide everything as she is the eldest one to bless them now. Asha misses Dayavanti. Ashish asks Asha not to worry for his family.

Avni tells them that she will decide about the marriage. Avni says her father is Hindu and mum is Muslim, so marriage will happen by both ways. Dayavanti is unpredictable and do anything to get Ashish back. Dayavanti will play her tricks to get Ashish back. The neighbours come in haldi function and everyone get emotional. Sumuki Tai and Fatima apply haldi to Asha, after Avni begins the haldi ritual. Avni sends a special invitation card to Dayavanti. Dayavanti gets shocked knowing about Ashish and Asha’s marriage. She decides to burn herself before Ashish marries Asha. Will Dayavanti succeed to stop the marriage? Keep reading.


[youtube id=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qr9Dg6coNMY]


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