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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi:Ishwari is in tension knowing Dev will be going away for 15 days. Dev and Sonakshi’s honeymoon plans get spoiled, when Ishwar falls sick and does not want Dev to go away. Sonakshi gets upset, while Ishwari is sure Dev will not leave and cancel his plans. Dev sits by Ishwari’s side and takes care of her.


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Suraj and Chakor stop at the dhaba when their car stops. Suraj tries to tease her and adds wine in her drink. Chakor sees his doings and acts like getting drunk. She pulls Suraj’s leg. Bhaiya ji and Ranjana come at the dhaba and see Suraj, while Chakor hurriedly hides. Bhaiya ji plans to get Suraj killed. Will Chakor be able to save Suraj’s life?

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Raina’s husband Rishabh is in danger. Rishabh is attacked by Brahmarakshas. Rishabh’s pain has made Raina cry. Even Rishabh’s brother has become prey of the Aparajita, who is the new Brahmarakshas now. Raina is crying as Brahmarakshas got new twist in her life, this time her husband has become prey. Raina can’t see Rishabh so much wounded. Raina does not know the Brahmarakshas’ weakness to control the devil.

Arjun steals the gold class movie tickets, which makes Maya angry again. Maya takes her mom for the movie and is given silver class seats. Arjun and Saanjh hide from Maya. Arjun gives a birthday surprise to Maya at the office. Maya thanks him and gets emotional, but when he applies cake to her face, some of her bad childhood memories get awakened, which shatters Maya within. Maya makes her lonely and walks off from the office. Maya gets lost thinking of her deepest sufferings, and walks in the middle of the sea, which Arjun tries to save her.


Raja is in danger. Rani makes the Dargah man treat Raja. She applies haldi lep to Raja. Rani has come to beg for Raja’s life, as Raja got bitten by a snake, there is no guarantee Raja dies or not, but Rani wants Raja back. Raja has fallen blue and is treated for removing the poison. Rani feeds the people at dargah and prays for his recovery. Rani is in tension and wants Raja to get saved anyhow. Rani is ready to do anything, her emotions are coming out. This is tough test for Rani’s love, but she will get Raja back.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki stops Bihaan from going to meet Aditi. Bihaan tells her that Aditi is Thapki’s sister and she is more than a sister for her. He asks her not to teach him what is right and what is wrong. Bihaan asks her to stay as guest and not control him. Thapki gives him a lecture, and Bihaan understands she is right. Thapki turns to go, and her dupatta goes over his face. Their romantic moment starts. Bihaan feels his Thapki. Thapki does not make him doubt and walks off.





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