Raman and Ishita’s Punar Vivaah preparations begin

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Raman and Ishita are getting married. Raman will marry Ishita in Tamilian style. Iyers and Bhallas will be competing in the dance competition of Madrasi and Bhangra dance. They decide the clothes and make teams. Iyers and Bhallas are fighting over the old and new songs. Ruhi chooses the new songs.

The fight gets solved and everyone select Ruhi’s choice. Shagun will be bringing twists in Raman and Ishita’s marriage. Romi asks Raman to choose his clothes. He asks Raman to select Sherwani. Simmi feels Raman will be look in sherwani.

Mihika and Ishita joke on Raman. Raman gets annoyed and tells Romi that its Madrasi marriage and Iyers will make him sit semi naked, so its no use to select designer sherwani. Raman does not see any designer clothes, and passes taunts on Iyer’s traditions. Raman is not excited, but Ishita is very happy to get remarried. This Punar Vivaah will make their marriage valid again, and those talking about them will get their mouths shut. The families are ready to do preparations. Mihika goes for some urgent work and gets stuck with Mihir. They reach home late and Romi asks her about her whereabouts. The twists will surely come, as the small issues between Iyer and Bhallas will trouble Raman and Ishita. Keep reading.

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