Jeevan and Bindu plan acid attack on Rani


Bindu/Lovey tells Raja’s truth to Rani. Raja is supporting Bindu and is playing dhol while she is campaigning for her elections. Rani got Jeevan’s support. Reporter says how did Raja go with Bindu. Raja and Rani have come against each other. Raja and Rani cry. Bindu says I will win elections and snatched Rani’s good luck. Rani says Bindu does not know our love. Bindu thinks Rani will lose when Raja is supporting her.

Bindu has cut her wrist and Raja had to support her as a friend. Rani knows Raja loves her. Rani was shocked recalling their promises, Rani confronts Raja and he explains her. Bindu blackmailed Raja, so he has supported Bindu in elections. Kaal has gone to jail, Rani wants to manage Ameerkot, as she is real heir, but Badi Rani Maa makes Bindu fight in elections. Jeevan and Bindu will plan and do acid attack on Rani, and blame will come on Raja. Keep reading.


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