Rishi and Malaika’s marriage to stop in Kasam


Rishi is marrying Malaika, but has Tanu in his heart. He imagines Tanu, but he has a beautiful dance sequence with Tanuja. Even Tanuja dreams about the beautiful dance with Rishi. Rishi and Tanu celebrate their love in dream. They get lost in each other’s eyes.

It was Rishi and Malaika’s mehendi, but Rishi’s eyes were on Tanuja. Rishi is unsure of the marriage step he is taking, and his brother reminds him what he did to stop his marriage with Neha.

Rishi performs with the guys, while the girls dance to compete with them. Later, Ahana’s son makes Tanuja fall towards Rishi. Malaika asks Rishi to dance again for some reason. Malaika believes Tanuja is her friend, as Tanuja saved her. Malaika wants to see their dance. Rishi and Tanu refuse to dance, but when music starts, they go with the flow. Rishi and Tanuja dance, and their moment breaks when Malaika comes in between. Rishi and Malaika’s marriage stops by major revelation that Malaika is already married. Keep reading.


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