Rudra threatened badly by crazy Romi in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz: Rudra to prove Shivay mentally ill

Jhanvi talks to Tej about Shivay and Tia’s odd pairing. Tej feels Shivay took right decision. She asks does he want even Omkara to marry for money. She feels glad that her sons are not like Tej to take decision by mind. She hopes they both take decisions by heart.

Rudra tells Romi that he never kept any fast as he can’t bear hunger. Romi asks Rudra to keep fast for her so that they can show their unbreakable relation to the world. She blesses Rudra to bear hunger. Rudra refuses to keep fast. Romi scares him of her anger. She threatens to make him an animal. Rudra agrees to keep the fast.

Rudra tells Shivay about Romi’s curse and threatening. Shivay asks Rudra are you mad to keep fast for that mad girl. He suggests Rudra to breakup with Romi. Rudra says she is crazy and abnormal, and break up seems tougher. Shivay laughs on his Devi girlfriend. Meanwhile, Soumya catches up with Reyaan. Rudra feels jealous of Soumya’s proximity with Reyaan. Rudra realizes crazy Romi not deserving him and starts falling for Soumya.


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