Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Naagin Season 2:Shivanya has died. Yamini, Sesha and Maheshmati are ready to take revenge from Shivangi. Shivangi does not know Yamini’s truth. Maheshwati says we will get Naagmani, and asks Yamini and Sesha to work with her. She plans to kidnap Shivangi, and then get her out of the day when Naagmani comes out.


Rajbeer has been disloyal to Paridhi and falls for Ritu. Rajbeer and Ritu have a romantic dance. Paridhi comes to the hotel and spots them. She watches their romance and feels Rajbeer has cheated her. Rajbeer is possessed and not in his senses. He is captivated by Jolly. Paridhi realizes the time and Jolly entering Rajbeer’s body after sunset. Paridhi breaks the mirror by a vase and fire gets ignited. Jolly is afraid of fire and runs away from there. Ritu gets trapped in the fire alone, and Paridhi saves her. Ritu faints by the smoke. Paridhi takes her out.


Imli thanks Vivaan for the wonderful saree gift and hugs him. Vivaan tells her that he did not gift any saree to her. She shows him the happy diwali card and saree gift. He gets puzzled seeing the card from his name. He tells her that he did not buy the saree for her. Imli thinks he is joking. Ragini has kept the gift for Imli. Vivaan gets angry on Ragini and says he will not work with her, he does not want any favors from her.


Swara is in problem. The goons have caught her. Sanskar comes there and beats the goons by turning into an angry young man again. The goon breaks a bottle over Sanskar. Sanskar’s heroic side will be seen again. Sanskar’s look has got more cool and rocking. The goons were teasing Swara in the market. Sanskar can’t see anyone hurting Swara.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki got her house back and she made Bihaan leave from the house. Bihaan says guests go from the house, not the owner. He says this is our house and is angry. She asks Bihaan to vacate the house in just one hour. Thapki calls the police. She tells Bihaan that she is the owner of the house and asks him to leave. She has taken revenge from Bihaan and asks him not to say a word now. She has shown the exit to Bihaan and family. She has taken all the property. Kosi says we got ruined, I m fainting. Dhruv holds Kosi, while she does drama. Thapki leaves no option for Bihaan, as Pandey family gets framed in wrong activities. Balwinder and Vasundara get arrested.


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