Omkara and Riddhima’s breakup to happen or halt….


Priyanka gets to see the painted leaves and worries. Omkara assures of saving her. Priyanka panics as she has done the crime. Omkara wants to take the responsibility and save his sister. Shivay hears them talking and questions, while both Priyanka and Omkara cover up the matter.

Priyanka acts innocent and cooks up story of Omkara not fasting for Riddhima. Shivay says Omkara always speaks true, and maybe Omkara is not keeping the fast. He asks Omkara to have breakfast with him. Omkara feels guilty to lie to Shivay.

Omkara gets Riddhima’s video message. Riddhima is hurt as Omkara does not value her. Finally, Riddhima and Omkara’s breakup is happening. Omkara rushes to meet Riddhima to tell her where she stands in his life. Omkara gets emotional knowing about Riddhima keeping the fast for him and thinks to stop her from leaving from his life. Keep reading.


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