Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Big twists to shatter IshRa's bond

Shagun-Pihu spoil the fun at IshRa’s marriage in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

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Raman meets Ishita before marriage by hiding from everyone. He asks her to turn shy as the bride, and not give him lecture about obeying rituals and traditions. Their nok jhok starts and they enjoy the few moments left before marriage.

Raman and Ishita get married again. Everyone is happy. Raman and Ishita dressed in south Indian attires get married in the Tamilian way. Appa does Kanya daan and gets very emotional. Appa guides them through all the rituals once again. Ishita gets too emotional when Raman fills her hairline with sindoor and makes her wear mangalsutra. The marriage is done grand way by all the detailing and rituals.

Adi and Aaliya are happy for Raman and Ishita’s marriage. Adi and Aaliya’s marriage will be next. The Punar Vivaah is after ten years. Adi records the whole wedding to make memories. All problems are away for now. Raman and Ishita’s marriage will revive memories of their first marriage. There will be twists after IshRa’s marriage. Shagun gets Pihu there and Pihu sees the wedding. Pihu reacts angrily and makes Ishita cry. Ruhi explains Pihu about Ishita being her mum. Pihu feels cheated and does not like Ishita. Ruhi and Ishita will convince Pihu soon. The surrogacy truth will come out infront of Pihu.






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