Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Shakti: Harman and Soumya have made their new place a wonderful home for their new start. Saya is looking for Soumya. She arrives at Nimmi’s place and asks for Soumya. Like always, Nimmi takes a stand for Soumya. She asks Saya to leave. Saya asks the kinners to keep an eye on Nimmi’s house as Soumya may come there. Saya gets angry and drags Reena and Raveena out of the kinner group.


Rishi is getting married to Malaika. Rishi is lucky to get such a father, who is helping him marry Tanu. Rano comes to take Malaika. Raj asks Tanuja to hide her face in ghunghat. He has given the bride getup to her and says whatever happens, the ghunghat should not move off the face. Raj has done this major planning to hide Malaika and get Tanuja in her place. Raj has done all the drama to get Rishi and Tanuja marriage. Rishi and Tanuja sit in the mandap, as groom and bride. Rano asks Raj to bless Malaika later. She asks Malaika to lift ghunghat. Raj stops Rano and makes excuse. Rishi and Tanuja will get married, and then big twists will follow.


Imli, Vivaan, Suraj and Chakor join hands to defeat Bhaiya ji. Suraj says Vivaan and Chakor made the team earlier and cleverly failed Bhaiya ji, and this time even Imli and Suraj are with them, and their sharpness and planning will get better. Suraj is sure they will win as they are double teams united this time. Vivaan suggests Chakor to take part in Asian Games. Chakor decides to participate. Bhaiyaji gets worried knowing that Chakor has decided to participate in the Asian Games. Bhaiya ji plans to get Suraj killed on Diwali night. Chakor meets Suraj and asks him to take good care of himself.

Naagin 2:

Shivanya sees Ritik’s pic before dying. Sesha’s next target is Shivangi. Shivangi gets the book which has the secrets of the Naagmani. Shivanya makes a woman lie near Ritik’s pic and wanted to try Shivangi from their enemies. Shivanya tries to send Shivangi to temple and meet their Guru. Sesha and Yamini celebrate after Shivanya’s death. Shivangi touches the book of Naag lok and cries for Shivanya’s death. Sesha and Maheshwati joined hands. Sesha asks Maheshwati to get Rocky for her.


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