Omkara worried by Randhawa’s tracking attempt


Randhawa introduces himself and asks Priyanka to share her problem, police is there to help. She gets afraid. He asks her why is she scared. She makes excuses. He asks her to take care. Priyanka’s earring falls. Randhawa picks that and thinks he got an excuse to meet Priyanka once again.

Soumya tries to end Rudra’s annoyance. Rudra is still angry. Soumya clarifies that she likes to help people without telling her identity. He does not believe her, as she did not try to tell the truth before. Rudra calls Romi honest and better than Soumya. Soumya calls him desperate to have a psycho girlfriend. Rudra taunts her to have a coward boyfriend like Reyaan.

Meanwhile, Priyanka tells everything to Omkara. Omkara states Randhawa is working against their family and asks her to be careful. Priyanka says Randhawa helped her. Omkara asks her not to talk to Randhawa again. He asks her to leave everything to him. Priyanka is worried as Omkara is getting dragged in the accident matter. Keep reading.


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