Jaggi confesses love to Gopi in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Jaggi has confessed love to Gopi during Diwali celebrations. The family was celebrating Diwali and lighting crackers. Jaggi goes out to everyone. He tells Gopi that he loves her. Jaggi does not care if anyone hears him. Gopi feels Jaggi wants to take Ahem’s place.

Jaggi tells Gopi that her relation with Ahem is of heart and none can break their relation. He says he won’t take Ahem’s place as he is Jaggi and will always be Jaggi. Gopi does not listen and leaves. Jaggi gets heartbroken. Kokila knows Gopi and was sure that Gopi will not accept Jaggi’s love. Urvashi tells Jaggi that Gopi will never accept him and not become part of his life. She asks Jaggi to forget Gopi.

Jaggi gets sad and talks to Lord. He asks how can I forget my love and blames Lord for doing all this. He makes sure that he will not forget Gopi and prays Lord to do whatever is right for him. Jaggi is getting engaged the next day and leaves everything to Lord. He is taking Lord’s test now. Kokila says she won’t let Jaggi’s dream fulfilled if Gopi does not love him. On the other hand, Meera gets Chanda home. Meera has chosen Chanda as surrogate mother for Dharam and Meera’s child. Chanda is poor. Meera gets her home to give her a good life and keep her happy. Keep reading.


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