Randhawa to arrest Omkara by suspicion in Ishqbaaz


Anika reaches Oberoi mansion to tell Shivay about Tia. Anika tells him about Tia’s love hug with someone. She feels Tia is cheating him and passes the info. Shivay does not hear anything. Anika asks him to give some answer.

Shivay is on call and says its good thing for their company. She wonders did he go mad. Anika sees him on call and thinks this happened before too. Shivay senses her and turns to see, while Omkara and Rudra pull her. Shivay sees Anika’s slipper, and that too disappears.

Randhawa scares Priyanka once again by throwing red colored water on her. Randhawa leaves a note for her. Priyanka panics. Randhawa spots her. Priyanka shows the sketch to Omkara. Omkara too gets shocked seeing the sketch of Omkara getting hanged. Priyanka worries that their truth will be known to all. Omkara takes blame on him. He decides to confess the crime and protect Priyanka. Priyanka decides to inform police. Omkara understands someone is scaring them to make them accept the crime. He asks Priyanka not to get affected. Randhawa decides to arrest Omkara and interrogate him.


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