Shivangi to settle scores with her enemies in Naagin 2

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Sesha catches Shivangi and throws her into a deep valley from the top. Sesha takes Shivangi’s dead body and shows to Yamini. Sesha then leaves the body at the temple and goes. The one who died turns out to be Shivanya, who dressed in bridal dress of Shivangi to save her life.

Shivanya has sacrificed her life to save her daughter. Shivangi gets shocked seeing Shivanya dead. Shivangi’s pain in heart can even melt Shiv ji’s heart. Shivangi prays to Shiv ji to save her mother. Shivangi sheds lots of tears. Guru ji asks Shivangi not to go, her life is in risk. Shivangi risks her life, but could not save Shivanya. Sesha has killed Shivanya. Sesha confesses love to Rocky and cries, in order to get his sympathy. Rocky does not fall in her trap. Guru ji tells Shivangi that she is daughter of a Icchadhaari Naagin Shivanya. She has got the Naaglok book and now she will be settling scores with her enemies.






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