Post wedding IshRa’s moments in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

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Ishita’s grahpravesh is happening in Bhalla house. Mrs. Iyer does all the rituals in Mrs. Bhalla’s absence and welcomes Raman and Ishita. Everyone is happy that Adi and Aaliya got engaged. Family showers rose petals on them. Adi and Aaliya are very happy. Mani blesses them heartily.

Raman and Ishita married again to unite Adi and Aaliya. Adi is happy to get his life partner. Ishita and Raman get worried seeing their room messed up by Pihu. Ishita tries to explain Pihu about their relation, and Raman gets angry. Raman shouts on Ishita for making matter worse. Later, Raman and Ishita’s wedding night has a surprise from the kids. The kids put up many alarm clocks in their room and disturb them. Raman’s mood gets spoiled, while Ishita looks for alarm clocks to shut the alarms. Ishita pacifies Raman that the good thing is they will be together always and could help their children by their union, that serves the purpose of their marriage.






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