Randhawa targets Oberoi’s weakest link Priyanka


Omkara proceeds to visit the hotel and meet Anika and Rudra. He sees Randhawa following him. Randhawa stops Omkara. Randhawa interrogates Omkara about a woman’s murder. Omkara asks Randhawa to get arrest warrant to arrest him. Randhawa and Omkara have an argument.

Randhawa clears that he does not need warrant for interrogation. Randhawa asks Omkara about the murder. Omkara denies everything. Randhawa tells he has evidence against Omkara. Randhawa asks Omkara to speak out truth. Omkara gets interrupted by Priyanka’s call. He recalls his promise to Priyanka to hide the matter from everyone. He denies everything again and leaves. Randhawa thinks Omkara is not a weak link, and he has to use Priyanka now. Randhawa meets Priyanka and returns her earring which fell in the lawn. He tries to get friendly with her. He offers lift to drop her home. He convinces her by showing his fake helpful side. Randhawa takes Priyanka by shortcut, which makes her tensed. Will Randhawa be able to get truth out of Priyanka? Keep reading.


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