Shivangi turns into a revengeful Naagin


Shivangi does the tandav in Shiv temple, just like her mother Shivanya. Shivangi will be becoming Naagin. Her three enemies have given her such wound by killing her mother, that she can’t forgive them. Sesha gets after Shivangi and scares her in the jungle. Shiv ji saves Shivangi. Shivangi reaches the Shiv temple to get blessings for power to fight with evil powers. Shivangi will be taking revenge for Shivanya’s death.

Shivangi meets Rocky(in groom’s attire with sehra on face) and tells him how Yamini, Sesha and Maheshmati have killed her mother. The groom holds Shivangi’s neck and shocks her. Shivangi gets cheated by him, and freezes everyone’s faces in her eyes, to take revenge. The love story of Rocky and Shivangi will turn into revenge now. Shivangi pledges to kill everyone. Yamini decides to get Rocky married to someone else.


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