Tia gets tensed by falling in sudden suspicion


Shivay scolds Anika for inviting problems always. He asks her to think once about him. Anika sees Shivay worried. She asks him not to get angry. Shivay asks her not to stop him and just relax. He becomes angry and asks Omkara and Rudra to give an explanation.

Shivay tells Tia has called him. Tia acts good to them. She says I came to spa and saw Rudra, I called Shivay when Rudra disappeared. Omkara suggests to take Anika home first and then talk about the matter.

Tia asks Anika where you following me, Rudra asked Robin about my whereabouts. She asks Anika to speak honestly if something is bothering her, and maybe she can answer her. Anika accepts they all were following her, as Anika has seen Tia hugging someone on Karwachauth night. She asks Tia who was that guy, and they were just trying to find out that guy. Tia gets speechless.


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