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Badho Bahu:
Komal and Lucky’s haldi ceremony is happening. Lucky asked Komal to refuse for marriage. He is trying hard to stop the marriage. He tried to run away but failed. Lucky sits upset and does not show any happiness.

Rishi’s family blame Tanuja for giving wrong medicine to Raj. Malaika comes and blames Tanuja for snatching Rishi from her. Tanuja is very upset and cries in the room. Everyone says Raj is hallucinating by the wrong medicines. Tanuja defends herself.

Aparajita and Kiara get together and plan against Raina. Kiara wants Raina to leave from the house and Rishabh’s life.

Simar has fought a lot to win her daughter. Khushi makes Anjali ready and gets her for Roka. Anjali is getting engaged. Anjali’s roka has happened in presence of family. Simar is worried by some reason.

Kumkum Bhagya:
Abhi applies mehendi to Pragya’s hands. Pragya gets tearful eyes with happiness, seeing the sindoor in her maang, and the mehendi in her hands. Her fate has become bright again. Pragya feels blessed by Lord. It was Tanu’s mehendi and the fate brought Pragya and Abhi together. The lovers got together by coincidence. Aaliya and Tanu gets angry seeing them. Tanu blames Aaliya for stopping Pragya in the function. Abhi will get his memory back till the marriage, and will marry Pragya instead Tanu. The viewers will be getting their Nok jhok and romance again.


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