TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week


Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka:Sanchi tells Aryan that she loves his family also, as she loves her family. Sanchi and Aryan play the finding ring ceremony. Sanchi gets the ring and wins the game. Aryan is not insecure seeing his mum love Sanchi more. Aryan’s mum teaches Sanchi how to obey the traditions of Sethia family.

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:

Badi Rani Maa has gone mad. She was sacrificing Raj Mata by killing her. Rani takes Kaali avatar and saves Raj Mata from Badi Rani Maa. Rani has taken the weapon and is taking revenge of all the injustice and tortures. Raj Mata was tortured by Badi Rani Maa. Raja too gets Rudra avatar and gets anger out on Bindu and Badi Rani Maa. Raja says he told Badi Rani Maa and Kaal that if they try to harm Rani, he will ruin them. He is very angry to get cheated by Bindu, who he regarded his best friend. Badi Rani Maa and Bindu leave from the haveli, but she is such woman that she will come back again to take revenge from Rani.


Suraj is in sleep and dreaming. Chakor hears him talking in sleep and goes to see him. He asks how dare you slap me. He holds Chakor’s neck and suffocates her, thinking she is Ragini. He says he will kill Ragini and Bhaiya ji. Chakor says I m not Ragini, I m Chakor, leave me. Suraj is very disturbed by the bad happening. Suraj leaves her and falls asleep again. Chakor feels Suraj needs her help to get rid of the bad phase. Chakor and Suraj’s pairing will be made now.

Naagin 2:
Yamini, Sesha and Maheshmati dance and celebrate Shivanya’s death. Shivangi and her sister pack their bags to leave the city. Shivangi gets the Naaglok book. Shivangi has seen Shivanya’s death and will take revenge. Guru Maa tells Shivangi that she is not 25 years old and should wait to get powers of a Naagin. Shivangi feels even Rocky is her enemy. She does not know Yamini’s trick to make Shivangi misunderstand Rocky. Shivangi feels Rocky has cheated her and loves Ruchika, but the truth is Rocky is innocent.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:

Yuvraaj has come back to Birla house after serving many years of imprisonment for killing Sambhav. Dadi knows the truth that Saiyyam is Sambhav’s truth, but does not tell Suhani. Suhani and Yuvraaj have united after a long time, and they don’t know about the past shadows haunting their lives. Saiyyam has come to ruin them. Suhani regards Yuvraaj as Ram, and hopes happiness will come in their house now. Will Suhani be able to fill goodness in Saiyyam and end his evil minded hatred?


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