Dramatic: Aaliya’s new move to accuse Pragya in Kumkum Bhagya

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The action scene starts after the celebration. Tanu gets the mehendi applied of Abhi’s name. The girls dance. There was happiness around. Tanu shows her mehendi to Abhi. Pragya controls her happiness. Pragya makes Abhi sign on some cheque.

Aaliya tells Abhi that all cheques are bogus and Pragya made Abhi sign on cheques to transfer money to her account. Abhi asks Aaliya what does she mean. Aaliya tells him that Pragya made all the fake accounts to get money. She blames Abhi’s accountant and asks him to accept this crime. Abhi loses his cool and beats accountant.

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Aaliya has played a game against Pragya again. Abhi catches the guy’s collar and slaps him. Aaliya tells the accountant that if he tries to hide anything, Abhi will not leave him. The man tries to run away, but Abhi does not leave him. Abhi throws pillow and makes him fall. Abhi has become angry young man. Abhi asks the accountant to tell, is Aaliya telling truth or is Pragya right? Aaliya laid the trap. Aaliya asks the accountant to speak truth, if he lies, Abhi will not leave him. Accountant lies and puts blame on Pragya. Aaliya has told accountant to blame Pragya. Accountant tells Abhi that Pragya wanted to get money from Abhi, so she asked him to get those cheques. This matter will get police in Mehra house again. Gear up for some high-end drama again. Keep reading.






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