Shivangi’s bad dreams sign of upcoming danger in Naagin 2


Shivangi gets a strange dream, where Sesha, Yamini and Maheshwati come to kidnap Shivangi and her sister. The evil-minded Yamini hurts Shivangi. Shivangi tries to stop Yamini. Sesha has come to kidnap Shivangi and take her to the temple to get Naagmani.

Yamini shouts no one can get saved by her. Yamini is a human, and yet more powerful than Naagins. Yamini wants to use Shivangi and reach Naagmani. It has to be seen who gets lucky this time. The game for Naagmani will begin. Shivangi is not understanding did she dream all this or did it really happen. A fortune-teller tells Shivangi about her tough future and warns her to be careful. Shivangi gets many bad dreams and sees her mother Shivanya dying. Shivangi will be taking revenge. Yamini and Sesha will come to kidnap Shivangi for sure. How will Shivangi defend herself from all the enemies. Keep reading.



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