Twists around Omkara’s past and present in Ishqbaaz


Priyanka asks Omkara to stop putting himself in risk. Omkara says none has proof against us, that girl came under my car two years ago. Randhawa says even if its two decades, blood stains don’t fade. He says maybe Shivay is innocent and did not kill Gayatri, but Omkara has killed an innocent girl. Randhawa decides to take revenge from Oberi family and waits for Omkara to break. Omkara recalls the accident, when Priyanka and Omkara were passing by on the old bridge.

A girl come infront of their car and fell down the bridge. Omkara looked for the girl and did not find her. Omkara started taking drugs after that accident. The guilt has taken a toll on him. Randhawa tells Shinde that there is a reason for which he is hunting Omkara.

Tej tells Jhanvi that Shivay and Tia’s marriage will be beneficial for Shivay. He wishes his son got married to a rich girl and got successful instead Shivay. Jhanvi believes even Shivay is like their son. Tej tells her that he worked harder than Shakti, but he felt weak because of his sons. He feels he can’t expect anything from Rudra and Omkara. She asks him to give freedom to their sons. Tej feels Omkara is irresponsible. Tej and Jhanvi go to see Omkara, when Omkara was about to take drugs. Omkara gets a shock. Tej questions Omkara about ruining his future. Tej asks Omkara to manage his new airline company and become responsible at the earliest. Omkara refuses to manage Tej’s business. Tej commands Omkara about his decision. Jhanvi supports Omkara’s wish. Keep reading.


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