Ishita and Mihika to get arrested in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Raman is worried. He asks Ishita will she just sacrifice always to become good and hurt her own family. Ishita gets questioned by the media. The reporter asks her some bad questions. Ishita has to hide her face and avoid the questions. Mihika and Ishita are blamed for blackmailing. They both get arrested.

Raman sees Ishita’s pic and cries. Kunal is behind this drama and smiles seeing Iyer sisters in trouble. Kunal is doing this on Ashok’s saying. Kunal is sharp and was blackmailing Mihika by a CD. Mihika and Ishita were trying to expose Kunal. Their plan fails and they both fall in big problem. Mihika made the plan and it backfired. Ishita tells Mihika that truth will not fail. Raman trusted Kunal for getting Pihu’s custody. He shouts on Ishita and tells that Kunal can get Pihu back, and he is going this to get his daughter back, but again he will lose Pihu because of Ishita. Raman loses courage and is in shock when Ishita blames Kunal. He does not know Kunal is the blackmailer and Ishita is right as always. Raman will shed regretting tears again.


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