Raja and Rani’s blissful romance in Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani


It’s time for some romance track for the viewers. Raja gives a beautiful unique surprise to Rani. Its Raja and Rani’s unique romance. Raja lights many diyas. Raja blindfolds Rani and takes her to the place. Rani gets delighted surprise. Raja and Rani spend romantic time together.

Raja crowns flowers to Rani. Raja shows her the throne chair and makes her sit. He pampers Rani like a real queen. Raja’s love is at its peak. Raja gifts her roses and showers flowers on Rani. Raja sings a romantic song for her, and makes everything perfect for her. Raja and Rani dance and celebrate their love and togetherness. Raja has realized Rani is the real heir of the palace and has given her the real honor today. Raja says all belongs to Rani now. Their love should not catch Bindu’s bad sight. Raja’s love for Rani is true. Rani understands this and everything is clear now.


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