Rishabh fears to lose Raina forever in Brahmarakshas


Raina is leaving from Kamalpura in the bus. Aparajita comes there and burns the whole bus to kill Raina and everyone. The people panic and get down the bus. They run away. Aparajita is burning the bus. Rishabh comes and sees the bus burning. Raina falls from the bus and faints.

Shivam comes in time and takes Raina. He jumps along with Raina and saves her. Brahmarakshas is doing usual things to throw things and trying to kill people. Rishabh gets Raina’s mangalsutra. He looks for Raina and asks people about her. He does not get Raina and gets in shock. Raina and Rishabh had a fight. Raina left home and was leaving from Kamalpura. Rishabh is worried for her and tries to find her.


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