Gopi tries making Jaggi paired up with Radhika


Gopi makes Jaggi emotional and swear on her that he will marry Radhika. Radhika was about to burn herself, when Gopi pressurizes Jaggi to marry Radhika. Jaggi still refuses to marry Radhika. Radhika says she will die as Jaggi does not want to marry her.

Everyone get shocked seeing Radhika’s drama. Kokila asks her to throw the firetorch away. Radhika creates a big drama. Gopi comes to Radhika’s rescue. Gopi gets adamant and keeps Jaggi’s hand on her hand, asking him to just agree to marry Radhika. Jaggi then agrees and gets upset. The decision was tough for her. Gopi asks Radhika to stop the madness now, as Jaggi agreed to marry her. Jaggi and Radhika sit in the puja. Jaggi gets heartbroken and wonders what did he do. Radhika is mad about Jaggi. Will Jaggi marry Radhika? Keep reading.


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