Mahi makes a stunning entry in Satya’s life

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There were news that Shiny is replaced by Sara. But Shiny has made a come back and that too stunning one. Satya and Mahi dance in the masquerade party. Mahi has come back as Ilena and even her mother Payal is shocked seeing her.

Viewers will also be shocked as they thought Mahi/Shiny left show. The show got changes necessary for the track, it was not replacement for Shiny. Both Shiny and Sara will stay to bring twist in the story.

Mahi has played this game to teach lesson to Satya and her enemies. She has given the tashan to Satya in party. She scolds Satya and leaves from the party. Satya feels the stranger can come as danger for real Mahi. Satya had come to enjoy in Halloween party. He did not know about Mahi’s look alike. He has seen Mahi’s lookalike and feels she is risk for Mahi. He is trying to safeguard real Mahi. He is trying to keep Ilena at bay. The serial new twist is how will Satya deal with real and fake Mahi. Keep reading.






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