Nimmi and Maninder to die; More shocks ahead for Soumya

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Nimmi is dying and taking her last breath. Nimmi was the protective shield for Soumya. Soumya is sold to a man, while Nimmi dies in worry of Soumya. Soumya got helpless and captured by the goons. Nimmi was biggest strength of Soumya, and today that strength is gone.

Soumya does not know what is happening. She was trying to get free. Preeto is responsible for Nimmi’s heart attack. Preeto has told such bitter things, that Nimmi could not bear the shock. Nimmi felt that she will never get Soumya now, and left her surviving spirit. Soumya will be becoming orphan, as Nimmi has died, and even Maninder drinks poison to commit suicide. Maninder can’t tolerate the taunts by society as Soumya’s kinner truth is out to the world. Nimmi and Maninder will be dying in the show. Soumya will know this bitter truth in next track. Keep reading.






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