Shivangi in dilemma over Rocky’s truthfulness


Sesha unwillingly has to do Shivangi’s Grah Pravesh. Shivangi and Rocky’s wedding night gets sorrowful for them. Shivangi has flashes of her mother’s murderers. She sees the groom/Rocky holding Shivanya’s neck and stabbing her.

Shivangi is crying and wanting revenge. Rocky wipes her tears and wants to show support. Shivangi blames him for Shivanya’s death. The misunderstandings got flame in Shivangi’s heart. Shivangi acts rude to Rocky. Rocky understands her sorrow to lose Shivanya, and pacifies her. Shivangi takes the Naagin avatar and hides her partial snake body from Rocky. Shivangi’s tearful night passes with more revenge flashing memories.

Shivangi realizes Rocky’s genuine love and feels he is honest, but she can’t trust Rocky. Sesha has taken the groom’s avatar that day to kill Shivanya. Shivangi does not forgive Rocky and is confused. Till Rocky’s truth comes out, there won’t be any love and romance. Shivangi will be taking revenge from everyone, including Rocky. Rocky has to be careful, as both Sesha and Shivangi will make his life hell. Keep reading.


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