BrahmaRakshas – New twists


    Rishabh has made Raina leave the house. He is crying in her memories. Raina gets a huge shock when Rishabh sends the divorce papers to her. The divorce did not happen yet, the papers create the drama as of now. Raina cries seeing the divorce papers. Raina is cursing herself seeing the divorce papers.

    Shivam makes Raina more angry. He says Rishabh has sent divorce papers for you, do you think he loves you, he is just a loser, sign on the papers and throw on his face. Raina loves Rishabh even when their marriage was fake. Shivam loves Raina and wants to use this chance to marry Raina. Rishabh’s dad has tricked and sent the divorce papers from Rishabh’s side. Rishabh will come back and his love will win.


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