Lucky’s suicide and refusal drama in Badho Bahu

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Lucky was asking Komal to refuse for marriage. Lucky acts to commit suicide and asks Komal to agree to him. Lucky hangs to the rope and Komal gets shocked. Lucky asks her is she mad to help him.

Komal holds Lucky and lifts him. Komal saves Lucky’s life and his plan fails. Raghuveer and everyone come to the temple, and see Komal saving Lucky. Raghuveer scolds Lucky for the bad step.

Komal wanted to come in mandap when Lucky makes entry before her. Raghuveer tells everyone that he will get Lucky. He goes and could not get Komal. Raghuveer gets sad and breaks down emotionally as Lucky has refused to marry Komal, just like Viren did. Komal knew Lucky did not wish to marry her and has shattered. Lucky will agree to marry Komal soon and they will get married.






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