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Santoshi Maa:
Santoshi faints and Kaka-Kaki call doctor for her checking. The doctor gives them the good news that Santoshi is pregnant. Dhairya is very happy and hugs his parents, shouting happily that he is soon going to become a father. They all dance and are happy.

Chandra Nandni:
Chandra and Nandini are linked by their fate. They both don’t know the bitter truth of their childhood, how Padmanand has killed Suryagupta and detained Rani Moora. Whenever Chandra and Nandini meet, there is always a spark by their enmity and hatred. How will their love story written by hatred develop?

Naagin 2:
Shivangi says she will take revenge for her mother’s death. She will give death in reply of Shivanya’s death. She will follow her enemies now. Shivangi’s revenge will start with Rocky first, as she feels he has cheated her by acting to love her.


Badho Bahu:
Komal wanted to come in mandap when Lucky makes entry before her. Raghuveer tells everyone that he will get Lucky. He goes and could not get Komal. Raghuveer gets sad and breaks down emotionally as Lucky has refused to marry Komal, just like Viren did. Komal knew Lucky did not wish to marry her and has shattered. Lucky will agree to marry Komal soon and they will get married.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi:
Sonakshi is annoyed with Dev and argues with him. Dev is trying hard to convince her. He is adamant that he will end her annoyance.


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