Daksh gets smitten by Anika’s innocence in Ishqbaaz


Anika goes out to do some arrangements and receive carpenter from the train station. Daksh’s entry gets shocking as he faces the sweet storm named Anika. Anika argues with him, and gets mistaken he is a carpenter. Daksh’s clothes gets spoiled as chutney falls on him. Anika argues with him, and does not get affected by his attitude.

Daksh wanted to explain Anika that he is Shivay’s friend. Anika starts commanding him. She asks him where was he since long, and asks him to come. He asks where. She says Oberoi mansion. He asks who is he. She has come there to station to pick carpenter, and feels Daksh is carpenter, even after seeing his cool rich costumes. He likes her language. She asks him to come fast, Billu ji is waiting.

Daksh asks her does she call Shivay as Billu and laughs. She asks him to refer to her with respect as she is his boss. She asks him to say Aap, not Tum, and call Shivay as Shivay Sir. Daksh enjoys talking to her and then hides the fact that he is Shivay’s friend, not a carpenter. Daksh gets all smiling by her entertaining talk. Anika asks him to sit on her scooty, and get prepared for a fast ride to Oberoi mansion. Daksh feels she is very commanding, but starts liking her innocence. They both leave on her scooty. Keep reading.


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