New entries, Love triangles and troubles in Mere Angne Mein


Sarla is worried as Lallan has made an entry in her house. Lallan comes to attack Amit. He tells family that he has done 11 murders. Sarla has no idea about him. Lallan says he has gone to jail many times, and wants to go jail again by killing Amit.

Rani protects Amit from Lallan. Sarla, Pari and Rani hide from Lallan. Sarla asks Ashok to solve the matter. Babloo tells everyone that he is Amit’s son. Lallan is Babloo’s Mama. Lallan tells them that Amit has cheated his sister, and now he will not leave Amit. Pari finds Lallan rich and starts trapping him in love. Lallan says he has 5 stables and has many cows. Pari gets glad and wants to know how can she trap Lallan. Pari asks Lallan to leave Amit and talk to her. Pari likes Lallan and dreams to make Lallan her husband. Sarla stops Pari from her madness. Lallan’s sister Maru will make an entry and that will create a love triangle for Amit, Rani and Maru. Keep reading.



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