Family gives nod for Omkara-Riddhima’s live-in


Randhawa is sure to get info from Priyanka by some way. He calls Priyanka, which makes her panic. Randhawa meets Priyanka on the way. He wants to grab Omkara for the accident case. Priyanka asks Randhawa to get down her car. Randhawa tells Priyanka that the woman who died by their car was his sister. Priyanka gets a shock to know that.

The family gets a shock when Omkara announces that Riddhima will live in with him. Pinky and Jhanvi react to it and do not find it right. Shivay agrees for this for Omkara’s happiness with Riddhima. He says they all are with Omkara, as long as Omkara is happy. Shivay does not find it a big deal. Even Tej gives his nod. Dadi asks Omkara to think over again. Even Dadi gives her nod to Omkara and Riddhima’s relationship. Keep reading.


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