Omkara to breakup again; Horror twists next in Ishqbaaz


Omkara has broken up with Riddhima, after she asks him to sign on company documents and agree to Tej. Omkara values relations more than business, and gets disheartened when Riddhima supports Tej. Omkara’s mood is bad. Rudra wants to cheer him up and becomes Delhi Wali Girlfriend. He dresses as a girl and dances around Omkara.

Omkara asks Rudra to just shut up and stop this. Rudra flirts with Omkara and wants to get Omkara out of the breakup pain. Rudra catches Omkara and Shivay. Dadi and Pinky laugh seeing Rudra’s drama. Pinky also dances with Rudra, and Dadi too joins them. They make Omkara dance with him. Everyone wants to make Omkara happy. It was not easy for them to make Omkara smile. Rudra’s lahenga falls down and Omkara laughs seeing Rudra’s shorts. Rudra gets glad that finally something has brought a smile on Omkara’s face.

Dadi tells Omkara that if there are money-minded girls like Riddhima in the world, there are selfless girls like Anika too. Dadi and Pinky try to find a match for Omkara. Dadi praises Anika. On the other hand, Anika is shocked as someone scares her with a dangerous doll. Anika shouts who is scaring her, and calls Shivay. She gets a call from a mysterious person, who says he is around her. The horror twist will bring Anika and Shivay together.


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