Thapki and Dhruv manage to expose Naman’s truth

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Kosi was marrying Naman in the temple. Pandey family gets shocked seeing this. Kosi hugs Bihaan and tries to explain him. Vasundara cries and tells Bihaan that Thapki was saying true about Kosi and Naman, and they did big mistake to not believe her. Vasundara regrets for not believing Thapki.

They all realize Thapki was right. Thapki and Dhruv succeeded to expose Kosi. Bihaan gets angry and slaps Naman. Bihaan beats Naman and takes a big stone to kill Naman. Vasundara stops Bihaan and comes in between. Bihaan throws the stone. He feels angered as he did not believe Thapki.

Kosi tells Bihaan that its Naman’s mistake. Kosi changes color after Bihaan catches Kosi and Naman red-handed in the temple, when their marriage was happening. Kosi asks Bihaan to save her from this devil Naman. She tells Bihaan that Naman was forcing her to marry. Kosi puts everything on Naman, and tells Bihaan that Naman has killed her husband, and Thapki was true. She says its her mistake that she did not understand Thapki. Just Naman is exposed, as Kosi saved herself by putting blame on Naman. But, Dhruv and Thapki will expose Kosi too. Keep reading.






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