Udaan: Chakor’s decision


    The villagers have become against Chakor. Bhaiya ji played the game and told villagers that he will make them all free of bandhuagiri, if Chakor gives divorce to Suraj. The villagers ask Chakor to leave Suraj.

    Tejaswini is trying that Chakor does not leave Suraj, else Bhaiya will find Suraj and kill him. The goons catch Suraj. Tejaswini pleads to Chakor to support Suraj. Bhaiya ji lands in the village and asks Chakor for what is she waiting for. Chakor sees Suraj caught by the goons and tells him that she does not need him. Suraj requests her not to agree to Bhaiya ji. Chakor acts to fool Bhaiya ji. Suraj then realizes Chakor’s plan. Chakor makes him realize his life’s worth, and then tears the divorce papers. What will Bhaiya ji do now? Keep reading.


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