Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Naagin 2:Rudra has made an entry in Naagin 2. He meets Shivangi and tells her that he knows that she is an Icchadhari Naagin. She asks who is he, and how does he know. He says I have seen you killing Amar at the temple. He takes his real form and shows his Icchadhari Naag avatar. He holds her hands and tells her that their story is same. He wants to take revenge for his wife’s death. Shivangi and Rudra make a team and shakes hands, to take revenge against Yamini. Shivangi makes Rocky jealous by taking Rudra’s help.


Soumya is sold to a Sheikh and being sent abroad. Harman traces Soumya and spots her. He follows the kidnappers car on his bike. He races the bike and jumps on the car top. The goon tries to beat down Harman. Harman fights back and manages to stop the car. Soumya is pushed down the cliff by the goon. She shouts to Harman. Harman ties the rope to the car and jumps down the cliff. Harman gets Soumya on his back and tries to climb the cliff’s top. The kinner group also reaches there and helps Harman. They all save Soumya from the Sheikh. Harman and Soumya unite.


Malaika cuts Tanuja’s red saree and wanted to anger Raj. She feels Tanuja will wear other clothes and Raj will scold her. She decides to spoil Tanuja’s clothes, after Raj scolds Malaika for her bad dressing sense. Malaika gives the black saree to Tanuja and thinks Tanuja will get scolding now to wear black clothes in reception party. It all goes wrong, as Tanuja looks ravishing and Raj and everyone praise her elegance.


Annapurna gets news of Laksh’s death and cries seeing the broken photo frame of Laksh. She recalls her son and cries her pain out.


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