Aparajita demands Raina’s sacrifice in Brahmarakshas

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Aparajita catches Raina and Rishabh. Shivam, Raina and Rishabh were running away after saving their lives from Aparajita. They all get shocked when Sanjay comes infront of them. They stop seeing the two devils.

Aparajita kidnapped the village boy, and wounded him. Raina, Shivam and Rishabh have to saved him and got him back. They take the villagers along. Sanjay has saved everyone, else Aparajita would have killed Raina and Rishabh. Rishabh says its benefit that Sanjay saved them, else we would have not been able to tackle Aparajita. The villagers will get against Raina. Rishabh will support Raina.

The devil asks Raina to give her sacrifice and then he will free all the villagers. The villagers are ready to give Raina to devil. Even Raina is ready to give up her life to take revenge from both the devils and does not care for her own life. She wants revenge from the devils for Rakhi and her parents’ death. Rishabh stops Raina from doing this madness. Keep reading.






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