Aparajita to stop Rishabh and Kiara’s marriage in Brahmarakshas

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Aparajita has reached in Kiara and Rishabh’s haldi ceremony. Rishabh’s haldi ceremony is upsetting for her. Raina also applies haldi to Rishabh. Raina and Rishabh are sad. They are broken apart by the misunderstanding.

Kiara takes care of Rishabh, when haldi goes in his eyes. Raina gets tearful eyes and holds a fake smile infront of Rishabh, which makes him think Raina is happy for his marriage. Rishabh is not happy with the marriage. Shivam is worried seeing Raina’s worry. He feels sad when Raina gets restless to find Rishabh. He gets heartbroken seeing Raina in love with Rishabh.

Aparajita has threatened of stopping this marriage in any way. Shivam has taken the challenge to get Rishabh and Kiara’s marriage take place well. Raina is assisting Shivam in Rishabh and Kiara’s wedding planning. Raina cries and leaves from the venue. Rishabh sees Raina crying and gets too restless. Rishabh leaves from venue to meet Raina. He stops seeing Shivam with her. Shivam wants Rishabh and Raina to get separated. Aparajita will be creating hurdles in Rishabh’s marriage. Keep reading.






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