Anjali and Vikram’s marriage gets new twists


Anjali and Vikram are getting married. All the rituals are done. Vikram has come on the horse. The baraat is welcomed by Simar’s family. Simar does Vikram’s aarti and welcomes him. Vikram and Anjali exchange the garlands.

Khushi does the ghatbandhan of Anjali and Vikram. Its big day for Anjali. Anjali is very happy and has many reasons to be joyful. Anjali wants to leave from the house as she does not like to stay with Simar and family. Anjali and Vikram take the wedding rounds. Piyush and Vaidehi get to know about the kidnappers. They rush to find the kidnapper’s truth. Everyone will come to know that Vikram is the kidnapper, who wanted to stop Vaidehi from revealing his truth. Piyush goes to Simar to tell Vikram’s truth. Simar is too excited for Anjali’s marriage. Piyush worries and thinks who to ruin everyone’s happiness.


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