Raja-Rani get Kaal rearrested in Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani

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Raja went to jail because of the elections. Raja has got freed and is back to support Rani. Kaal escapes from the jail, and reaches Iqbal’s house to hide. Kaal was attacked in the jail and was forced to escape.

Kaal does not know Raja and Rani will come to Iqbal’s house. He gets distracted and catches Rani to save himself. Rani asks Kaal to take revenge from her, and leave innocent people. Kaal was scaring them and thought to stay in the house. Iqbal does not give up and talks to Kaal, promising him that he will help Kaal if Kaal surrenders. Kaal did not expect Raja and Rani coming in his way again. Raja and Rani argue with Kaal and ask him not to kill anyone else. Raja comes in front of Rani and asks his father to shoot him first. Iqbal saves Rani, and calls police. Police arrests Kaal and takes him back to jail.

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