Mahi vents out anger on Harman and Soumya in Shakti


Harman has got Soumya home. Soumya has lost Nimmi and came home with Harman. Mahi drags Soumya and tells Harman that Soumya came between them. Mahi says I love Harman since childhood and she can never share her husband, even with a kinner.

Mahi scolds Soumya for ruining her relation. Soumya has only Harman’s support now. Mahi shouts on Soumya for snatching her everything. She insults Soumya. Harman’s every relation is suffering because of Soumya. Preeto supports Mahi. She asks Harman to understand, how a kinner is shattering all his relations. Mahi asks Harman who will give her happiness. She wants an answer from Harman and Soumya. Mahi tells Harman that she will not accept Soumya, and Harman has to accept Mahi. What will Harman do now? Keep reading.


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